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When the weather turns, pests look for a way in. Stop them at the threshold of your home or office before they invade your space.

One of the fastest ways to rid your property of unwanted pests is to have a full inspection of your property completed by a qualified technician. Pests leave behind evidence that leads our team straight to the nest. Our team treats your home for the following types of insects.


• Ants

• Asian Beetles

• Bed Bugs

• Bees

• Boxelder Bugs

• Cockroaches

• Spiders


No matter what time of year it is, the pests around your home will always look for a way in.

If you suspect that beg bugs have found their way into your home call our team right away. Our team is highly educated in the abatement and clean-up of bed bugs and can help you control your environment.

Bed begs require special care

Experience says a lot when it comes to insect infestation. Rid your home of the problem today!

Since 1981 our team has provided Minnesota with quality pest control for residential and commercial locations. Our team is licensed and insured.

If you see one, there could be more. Call today for a full inspection and abatement.

Suspect you have an


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